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The Coaching Conundrum Report 2016

Based on a global survey of 1,800+ employees & managers and an analysis of 3,700 manager assessments, The Coaching Conundrum 2016 is BlessingWhite’s latest analysis of the opportunities and challenges of building More »

The Coaching Conundrum Research Overview

Many organizations aspire to develop a ‘coaching culture’ in which each manager shares experiences and insights with their direct reports. Especially in organizations overhauling performance management approaches, coaching is the preferred way More »

How Coaching Begets Coaching

Many organizations aspire to create a ‘coaching culture’ in which each manager not only shares experiences and insights with their direct reports but also relies on coaching opportunities to boost performance.  Organizations More »

In Search of High Performance

Fully engaged employees are enthused and in gear. That means their willingness to perform is backed up by their individual talents, alignment with organizational priorities, coaching from their managers, and the resources that they need to More »

The ROI of Executive Coaching

When designing organizational change programs, we have many possible approaches. One powerful tool is executive coaching, and BlessingWhite increasingly incorporates targeted one-on-one executive coaching programs as part of organization-wide development initiatives.   More »