Strategic Career Development: A Panel Discussion on the Why, What, and How

By BlessingWhite , a Division of GP Strategies

It’s no secret that employee career development drives engagement and retention. When leaders support career exploration, they send the message that individuals can grow and develop in their current organization. Employees feel valued, and they are able to find fulfillment in their jobs. But how do you support your employees in career development and connect that support to the goals of your organization? It’s important that career development efforts are seen as beneficial to both the employee and the organization for which they work.


Kristen Bakalar, Director of Leadership Development, Athenahealth; Marisa Guerrero, Learning and Development Manager, SS&C Advent; and Zach Curtis, BlessingWhite’s career expert, have a discussion of what works – and doesn’t – in making career growth an organizational imperative. This career development webinar explores the challenges and best practices of supporting the career needs of today’s workforce.


During this career development webinar, Zach, Kristen and Marisa engage in an exciting conversation to share:


  • Why employee career development is a strategic driver for their organization
  • Best practices for meeting a wide range of career needs across departments and even continents
  • The impact and results they’ve seen from their efforts