Purpose, Not Perks! Success is fueled by commitment not entitlement

By BlessingWhite , a Division of GP Strategies

We all love a good perk! Bagels on Monday, free coffee, maybe an end-of-the-month social. Sure, a gym membership might help to reduce healthcare costs in the long run. But is that indoor mini-golf course really adding to your bottom line? Is it helping you grow the business or is it a distraction for your entitled workforce?


Of course organizations of all kind are keen to earn the commitment of the workforce and have workers focused on what matters the most. Managers are increasingly aware that business results come from having people engaged with the mission and the objectives of the organization. But achieving this is difficult. Building an engaged workforce takes a concerted effort in aligning skills, providing clarity around the goals, removing barriers to people’s achievement and leading in an inspiring way.


Much easier just to give people a free mug, the occasional gift card and buy a foosball table. But how long will the impact of the free mug last? How much real commitment does that gift card buy you? Does picking a gift from a cataloge really secure the commitment of a manager after 10 years with the organization? To truly show your employees you care, and to genuinely tap into their contribution, you need have executives, manager and – yes – the individuals themselves all collaborating to build a purposeful culture in which every employee can perform at a high level.


So join us for this entertaining “Purpose, Not Perks!” webinar to find out how you can avoid the pointless perk trap and focus instead on a purpose-fueled path to success.