Leadership Mindsets: The Thoughts and Actions of Successful Leaders

By Leah Clark , Director, Strategy & Development

The way you think influences how you act. At the same time, your actions reinforce your thoughts. If you have ever been on a diet, you know that you can’t “think” yourself into becoming healthier. The best of intentions needs to be followed up with actions, such as eating well, exercising, and getting rest, in order to achieve success. The rewards from taking those actions, such as being more fit, in turn, reinforce and strengthen your thinking, giving you the motivation to continue taking additional actions in line with your new way of thinking. If you think of yourself as healthier, you are more likely to take actions that are consistent with those thoughts.


This is the premise behind GP Strategies®’ work on leadership mindsets. If a leader can bring different thoughts to their role, if they can shift their mindset, then they can impact their behaviors. And their behaviors, and the results of those behaviors, reinforce their intention. The key is in connecting the actions the best leaders perform when they are embodying one of the four leadership mindsets discussed here.