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Experienced Leaders

Success depends on the ability of your experienced leaders to manage the day-to-day operations of your global organization while simultaneously setting a strategy and creating a vision. They need to develop trust with those they lead, yet they need to create consensus on key issues. They need to move quickly to solve challenges, but not so quickly that they fail to spot larger issues or learn from their experiences. They rely on what got them to their position while at the same time acting as a catalyst for change and innovation.

Unleash the competitive advantage of your experienced leaders and drive better business outcomes with a focus. Our leadership development programs and executive coaching training workshops can help. Visit The Importance of Focus for Business Leaders for more.

Focus: The Top Priority for Leaders During this webinar, speaker Mark Smith, author of Distinctions: 52 Lessons in Leadership, will share stories from his experiences working with successful leaders from across the globe and provide practical tips on how to ensure greater focus on the things that matter.

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Distinctive Leadership

Distinctive Leadership is an experienced leader approach designed to unleash the strategic advantage of leadership.

This highly experiential journey includes assessments, executive coaching, a powerful in-person workshop, and ongoing peer cohort coaching to create a sustainable shift in leadership capabilities. Distinctive Leadership is an inside-out journey in which leaders examine, improve, and take ownership for how they are showing up as leaders on both interpersonal and organizational levels.

High Performing Teams

Superior business results can only be achieved when teams work well together. Strong leaders understand that success is not defined by personal contributions.

Getting those they lead, and influence, to work well together is the ultimate goal. When teams work well together, they make faster and better decisions with higher impact. They break down functional silos and increase lateral, leader, and enterprise accountability by all team members. High-performing teams are more productive and are able to resolve conflicts.

Influencing Across the Matrix

In an increasingly complicated and matrixed environment, leaders need to be equipped to navigate relationships where they have very little positional power.

It’s critical they form strong relationships across the organization, build sponsorship for their ideas, gain stakeholders’ buy-in and support, solicit the cooperation of others, and drive their priorities. Trust, credibility, and an awareness for the style and needs of those they want to influence are necessary skills.

Leading Out Loud

Leading Out Loud focuses on authentic communication. When leaders communicate authentically, they are able to motivate and inspire others to drive performance and engagement.

To inspire this commitment, leaders must first look inward and become aware of what they want to say and why. They must be intentional about linking their values with the needs of others. Authentic leaders clearly communicate the link between an individual’s job; the goals of the team; and the goals, values, and strategies of the organization.


Businesses easily get stuck in using the same strategic approaches, when in fact, unleashing creative solutions that push beyond the obvious creates a Fourth Option® not previously considered.

Individuals and teams working through The Outthinker Process discover the Fourth Option® for breakthrough solutions to challenges of any size. This experience, based on the work of author and thought leader Kaihan Krippendorff, drives teams to become more innovative, recognize the barriers to innovation, and discover new possibilities for their organization.

Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?

Leadership is a relationship between leaders and followers, and great leaders excite people to exceptional performance.

Successful leaders modify their behavior to respond to the needs of their followers and the circumstances they encounter – while simultaneously remaining true to who they are. They produce results by being crystal clear on their unique differentiators and by addressing the four critical needs of their followers: community, authenticity, significant, and excitement. Successful leaders can confidently answer the question, Why should anyone be led by you? Based on the article, book, and thought leadership of Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones, this experience will redefine your perspective on leadership.


of experienced leaders say they need communication and collaboration skills to be successful in the future

of experienced leaders say to be successful in the future they need a flexible, adaptable, and collaborative mindset

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