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Frontline Leaders

Your frontline leaders are responsible for two-thirds of your global organization so it’s important they feel supported. Particularly as they make the turn from individual contributor to leader of others, they need to develop, or enhance, critical leadership skills.

Our frontline leadership journey is based on a proven approach that has helped thousands of individuals develop the skills they need to lead confidently – skills such as delegation, influencing others, handling resistance, and more. At the same time, we are flexible enough to tailor that journey to the needs of organizations like yours.

Challenges of Leaders At BlessingWhite we believe that each level of leadership, from leader of self to frontline leaders and experienced leaders, brings unique challenges and opportunities.

Learn About Our Frontline Leader Topics

Building Generational IQ

This is an engaging and interactive workshop to help leaders understand Generational IQ and why this is becoming the “next Emotional IQ” for business professionals.

Participants will gain insights into what actions they can take to develop both personal and organizational competence in engaging a multigenerational workforce.

Building Your Global Perspective

Through both feedback and an in-person experience, leaders in the Building Your Global Perspective workshop will gain insight into their own global competencies, including strengths and blind spots.

By exploring the different facets of a global mindset, including strategic thinking and intercultural cooperation, participants will better understand how to lead a global workforce.

Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials is a digitally enabled leadership journey that provides the essential skills leaders and managers need to be successful and produce results. Leadership Essentials brings proven leadership content to life in a highly engaging, modern environment that is globally scalable. This program can reach large populations of leaders efficiently and effectively.

Through innovative technology, Leadership Essentials provides what you need, when you need it. Learning with peers and the guidance of a coach maintains the human connection. All of this comes together in an experience that is relevant and impactful.

Leading People+

Leading People+ is based on BlessingWhite’s proven success with hundreds of leading companies, training thousands of people.

It is exclusively designed to equip managers with skills and strategies for engaging and unleashing the knowledge, expertise, independence, and confidence of today’s workers. Leading People Plus includes modules on communication, building trust, delegating, handling conflict, leading change, giving and receiving feedback, and more. It is available as both an instructor-led and a virtual instructor-led experience.

Leading Technical People+

– Leading Technical People+ is exclusively designed to equip managers with skills and strategies for engaging and unleashing the knowledge...

workers: programmers, engineers, scientists, financial analysts, and more. This experience focuses on the unique needs of technical employees and the most effective way of leading them.

Leading in a Virtual Environment

BlessingWhite has created Leading in a Virtual Environment (LIVE), a one-day course for those leading others across distance.

This workshop presents leadership fundamentals and then applies them to actual virtual leadership situations. It offers tools and strategies to make leaders more effective virtually. Participants learn and use skills and tools through a mix of instruction, lecture, simulation, and practice. Their learning is enhanced by direct input from their virtual associates and direct feedback from workshop peers.

The Leader 2025

Based on the best-selling book The 2020 Workplace and the ongoing work of author Jeanne Meister, The Leader in 2025...

reviews several mega-trends impacting the future workforce, including multiple generations of employees, globalization, the rise of a virtual and transparent workplace, and more. This experience covers social media as a leadership tool, transparent leadership, and leading through technical disruption.


of frontline leaders want more workshops and mentorships to increase their effectiveness as a leader


of leaders need an adaptable and collaborative mindset to be a successful leader in the future

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