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High-Potential Leaders

Your high-potential leaders are the future of your organization. It’s important you keep them motivated and challenged as you ready them to assume responsibility for leading others and delivering strong business outcomes.

A special approach to high-potential leadership development is required. Coaching, mentoring, assessments, experiential workshops, and networking are just some of the elements that come together to create a compelling high-potential journey.

Havas Health & You Develops Emerging Leaders for Long-Term Success Havas Health & You partnered with BlessingWhite to establish a comprehensive high potential leadership development program to enhance leadership skills and encourage leaders to pay forward what they learned in support of future executives.

Change & Resiliency

Leading in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world is challenging.

And today’s leader needs to not only lead through change, but rally and inspire others. This workshop defines for leaders the difference between change and transition and helps them understand the importance of resiliency. Learners will come to understand practical ways to build resiliency and plan for a resiliency conversation with members of their team.

Distinctive Leadership

Distinctive Leadership is an experienced leader approach designed to unleash the strategic advantage of leadership.

This highly experiential journey includes assessments, executive coaching, a powerful in-person workshop, and ongoing peer cohort coaching to create a sustainable shift in leadership capabilities. Distinctive Leadership is an inside-out journey in which leaders examine, improve, and take ownership for how they are showing up as leaders on both interpersonal and organizational levels.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is one of the workshops that creates a strong foundation for our high-potential leadership programs.

Research has proven that our emotional intelligence (EQ) is more reliable in predicting success than our intelligence quotient (IQ). In this course, we explore the topic of EQ and how to develop our own EQ, thereby increasing our success with our career and relationships, both inside and outside of the workplace.

Executive Coaching

An executive coach is one of the most valuable resources for a high-potential leader.

Our executive coaches have worked with senior executives and up-and-coming leaders to help refine their leadership style and enhance their skills. Our executive coaches help high-potential leaders better understand themselves and how they come across to others. The coaching is action oriented as the coach and high-potential employee identify, and then work toward, specific goals.

Leading Out Loud

Leading Out Loud focuses on authentic communication. When leaders communicate authentically, they are able to motivate and inspire others to drive performance and engagement.

To inspire this commitment, leaders must first look inward and become aware of what they want to say and why. They must be intentional about linking their valued with the needs of others. Authentic leaders clearly communicate the link between an individual’s job; the goals of the team; and the goals, values, and strategies of the organization.


A mentor can play a powerful role as a trusted guide for a high-potential leader.

This course provides an opportunity for a mentor and the high-potential leader to work together, learn about each other, and determine the most successful working relationship. Techniques are provided for mentors and protégés to learn about one another, identify interaction guidelines, and set mentoring goals.

Why Should Anyone Be Led by You

Leadership is a relationship between leaders and followers, and great leaders excite people to exceptional performance.

Successful leaders modify their behavior to respond to the needs of their followers and the circumstances they encounter – while simultaneously remaining true to who they are. They produce results by being crystal clear on their unique differentiators and by addressing the four critical needs of their followers: community, authenticity, significant, and excitement. Successful leaders can confidently answer the question, Why should anyone be led by you? Based on the article, book, and thought leadership of Robert Goffee and Gareth Jones, this experience will redefine your perspective on leadership.


of leaders reported improved leadership skills after attending a high-potential program


of leaders indicated their team noticed a change in their leadership

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