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Engagement Programs

Readying employees at all levels to take accountability for workforce engagement starts with a common definition of engagement, clearly communicated roles and responsibilities, and continuous alignment of individual and organizational goals.

Our employee engagement programs are based on research and best practices and can be deployed as in-person, virtual, or self-paced learning experiences to reach a wide audience.

Great Days at Work Engaged employees lead to better outcomes for your organization. But you can’t aim for strong engagement results if you don’t know what good looks like.

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Managing Professional Growth (MPG®)

Our employee engagement consulting and training provides individuals with personal insights, robust developmental feedback, and a proven employee-manager conversation structure focused on increased engagement, professional growth and development, and mutual success.

The Engagement Equation

Managers can’t “make” anyone engaged. This learning experience equips them to do what they can: create an environment that fuels engagement, explore individual team members’ engagement drivers, and coach team members to higher levels of engagement, year-round, regardless of whether the organization measures engagement or acts on survey results.

Taking Control of Your Engagement

Individuals need to understand what meaningful work looks like for them and their organization – and then take action to achieve it. This learning experience provides the insights and tools for employees at all levels to manage their own engagement and professional growth.


of employees in highly engaged organizations agree that they have the training and resources to do a good job


of employees in highly engaged organizations agree that the work they do is more meaningful and purpose-driven

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