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Coaching is not a one-size-fits-all method; it is unique to each individual. Good coaches help their employees find their own path to success.

Whether your employees are new to coaching or are ready to develop more advanced skills, our workshops help leaders coach successfully. Our coaching development programs include a feedback-rich and modular approach as well as a flexible everyday approach to coaching. Give your leaders the competence and confidence they need to coach their teams successfully with coaching classes from BlessingWhite.

You’re Doing It Wrong – Moving your Coaching from Annual to Everyday Neuroscience tells us that if employees have their own insights, they’ll change their behavior in a more sustainable way, than if the manager tells them the answer. By identifying coachable moments everyday it is possible to completely change the coaching paradigm, and begin to create the coaching culture that most organizations want.

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Career Conversations

When managers are involved in career development, their team members are more satisfied and productive, knowing they have an advocate in their career journey. Furthermore, the organization continues to thrive as the right people are placed in the right positions at the right time. This program readies managers to engage in more regular and informal career conversations intended to benefit both the individual and the organization.

In Career Conversations, we facilitate honest dialogue about what it is that employees want out of their careers, what is actually expected of managers in the career development process, and how managers can best prepare to talk about their team members’ careers. This half-day learning experience provides the insights and tools for managers to understand individual team members, creates connections to both opportunities and people, and helps managers create a team strategy for talking about career development.

Everyday Coaching Conversations

Most good leaders know the benefits that come with coaching their employees. What sets great leaders apart from good leaders is the ability to identify or create coaching moments on a daily basis—to seize the impromptu interactions that give way to everyday coaching conversations. Everyday Coaching Conversations supports a flexible, agile approach to coaching in the moment.

This experience gives leaders the opportunity to elevate their coaching skills so they can take advantage of the quick, spontaneous interactions they have with their employees. This highly experiential program throws traditional coaching models aside in favor of a very intuitive and practical approach that makes coaching memorable and accessible in the moment for both novice and experienced coaches alike.

Helping Others Succeed

Leaders who think their job is to have all the answers end up with a long line of people waiting for solutions, leaving little time for the work to get done. Even worse, they may lose talented team members who feel micromanaged or chained to a sole point of view. Helping Others Succeed is a modular and feedback-rich coaching workshop that leverages a model to help leaders plan for, and hold, successful coaching conversations.

Successful managers build a workforce of people who have the confidence and support to think on their own—not only to come up with ideas and solutions, but to execute them. The most successful managers have one thing in common: they are all great coaches. This program supports leaders as they plan for one-on-one coaching conversations with each employee. It focuses on the unique needs of each individual and shows how leaders can use a model to coach to greater effectiveness.


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