Changing the Conversation: Shifting Attitudes About Career

By Leah Clark , Director, Strategy & Development

Attitudes about career are changing and what individuals want from career discussions is something different than what they had in the past.  Employee career goals such as establishing a “multiyear plan” are long gone.  Employees want greater frequency and less formality in their career conversations.  This research paper will explore the need for organizations and managers to think differently about career and the important link between career and engagement.


Key findings:


Our survey findings point at a need to look at career through a new lens and frame the conversation differently. Key highlights include:


  • Career support has some impact or greatly impacts employees’ levels of engagement
  • Employees want to have more frequent career conversations with their managers
  • When employees engage in career conversation with their managers, they want to talk about what’s most important to them – their values and how they can do work that satisfies them
  • The primary drivers for employees are meaningful work, interesting work, and work/life balance
  • Employees will stay with their current employee if they can try new things and develop their skills