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Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

As hyperconnected and digitally charged organizations become the norm, the rules for conducting business might best be written on an Etch A Sketch. Constant change is the new normal in what is More »

Driving Innovation from Within

“Innovation” brings to our mind the maverick entrepreneur who quits their job, at unimaginable odds, to build a business on their own. But this entrepreneurial story is a myth. Intrapreneurs – employees More »

The Coaching Conundrum Research Overview

Many organizations aspire to develop a ‘coaching culture’ in which each manager shares experiences and insights with their direct reports. Especially in organizations overhauling performance management approaches, coaching is the preferred way More »

Turn Smart Doers into Smart Leaders

Six characteristics that make expert employees more challenging to lead. Lessons learned in helping new leaders coach and inspire their expert teams to succeed instead of micro-managing them out the door! Learn how More »