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7 Barriers to Internal Innovation

In my last article, I laid out research that shows that employees, more so than entrepreneurs, are behind the innovations that have most impacted society. The idea that entrepreneurs are revolutionaries while employees in established More »

Employee Engagement: Analysis to Action

The term employee engagement has become ubiquitous in today’s organizations. Leaders may talk about engagement, but with so many different models, concepts, and definitions, it can be hard to understand what engagement actually looks More »

The Task-Time Tension

When I work with leaders and their teams, I hear a frequent and common frustration, “There is just not enough time in the day. The number of tasks is overwhelming, everything is More »

More Great Days At Work Start With You!

BlessingWhite’s recently released report, Forget About Engagement; Let’s Talk About More Great Days at Work, explores how highly engaged organizations differ from those with average and lower levels of engagement. Using exclusive data gathered More »