Can The “Plan” – How To Have the Career Conversations Employees Really Want

By BlessingWhite , a Division of GP Strategies

The goal of establishing a “multi year plan” for career is long gone. The question, “Where do you see yourself in five or ten years?” once seemed like a strong indicator of an employee’s goals or aspirations. But in a world that didn’t even have jobs like app developer, social media manager or Uber driver ten years ago, the question is now almost comical.


Career isn’t something people are planning to do in the future, it’s happening now. Today. All around us people are thinking about and engaged in actively growing their career. Their day-to-day decisions are what drive career satisfaction and they need a flexible approach to managing their career. Annual discussions, career ladders, and uncomfortable approaches to networking simply aren’t relevant any more.


Our research on career points to the need for organizations and managers to think differently about career. A much more realistic approach is required – increased frequency, connecting on what matters, looking broadly for support, and being prepared for the inevitability of change are critical for today’s career discussions. Our research also points to profound results when organizations focus on career the right way – and when they miss-the-mark.


During this webinar, you will learn:


  • What our research tells us about what today’s employees want from career conversations
  • How to look at career through a new lens and frame the conversation differently
  • The impact of these discussions on retention and engagement