2017 Employee Engagement Report

By Colleen Casey , Research Analyst and Survey Specialist

High employee engagement is a key objective for many organizations. But what distinguishes companies that are great at engagement, from those who are simply average?  This employee engagement white paper will explore what distinguishes highly engaged organizations from organizations with average and low levels of engagement, as defined on the two main axes of the BlessingWhite’s employee engagement model – satisfaction and contribution. By examining the factors that impact engagement and the role of each member in the organization (from executive to individual contributor), we will be able to determine what actions and behaviors differentiate highly engaged organizations from the rest.


Key findings: What distinguishes a highly engaged organization from the rest?


According to our employee engagement report, employees in highly engaged organizations are more likely to agree that:


  • Senior leaders create a high performing work environment
  • They have the training and resources they need to do their job effectively
  • They have opportunities for professional growth
  • They get regular feedback from their manager
  • The survey will result in organizational change.




Surveys don’t change organizational culture, people taking action do. While the survey is a useful diagnostic tool, providing interesting insights into what is happening in your organization, assessment is not enough. BlessingWhite views the survey not as the end product of engagement but really the starting point in a dialogue with your employees on how to sustain and maintain engagement. Organizational commitment and implementing actions to address the survey results are paramount to creating a truly engaged workforce. Click the button below to download our employee engagement white paper.