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Developing Global Leaders At All Levels

BlessingWhite develops your global leaders to achieve results today for a successful tomorrow. Build your leadership pipeline to achieve today’s goals and to ensure future success.


December 10 @ 8:30am

Public Session: Career Conversations – Boston

BlessingWhite’s research consistently identifies career development support and opportun « Find out more

December 14 @ 9:00am

Public Session: Leading Technical People+ – California

Consider this – frontline leaders are responsible for leading two-thirds of your organiz « Find out more

December 18 @ 1:00pm

Public Session: Everyday Coaching Conversations – Cincinnati

Most good leaders know the benefits that come with coaching their employees. What sets gre « Find out more

The Priorities and Challenges of Frontline and Leader of Leaders

As part of our commitment to providing the latest research and insights to the market, BlessingWhite, the leadership division of GP Strategies®, surveyed leaders and frontline managers across the globe in spring More »

When It Comes to Priorities, Less Is More

Our recent Leadership Skills Report revealed that leaders of leaders need less in order to do more. At first glance, this stated desire for fewer priorities could look like a desire to More »

Shifting Your Mindset – The Four Leadership Attitudes to Adopt Right Away

Mindset is one of the greatest predictors of success and one of the toughest turns to make as you become a leader. As an individual contributor, your success depends on what you More »

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Why Culture Change Is One of the Most Important Challenges in Business Today

By Christopher Smith, Director of Consultancy, Strategy, Organization and Leadership Development

Is your business changing at least as fast as its environment? If not, you are going backwards. If you hope to both respond to market change and shape it, then continually realigning More »

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Career: Changing the Conversation.

Today’s employees expect their employers to provide some level of career support in the workplace. And it’s smart for companies to meet that expectation—a focus on career development leads to lower turnover, higher engagement, and a stronger and more positive culture.
Research Report
83 %
of employees say career support has some impact or greatly impacts their level of engagmeent
78 %
of employees want to talk about their career quarterly or more frequently
74 %
of employees want to talk about their values and strengths and how they can do more work to satisfy them

Leadership At All Levels

Leadership isn’t about adding more individuals to your team.
It’s about getting the good, smart, people you have working together to achieve better outcomes.
Readying your global talent to maximize their organizational contributions and personal satisfaction drives success today and positions you for tomorrow.
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