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Competence and Connection

At BlessingWhite we believe strong leaders are able to successfully balance two essential qualities – competence and connection.


Mind the Gap

In its simplest terms, leaders of leaders hold the key to driving the organization forward, backward, or sideways when it comes to translating strategy into desired results. They do this by translating the message into actionable information that propels those they lead to succeed.


Leading in the new regulatory world

The great financial crisis of 2008 – 2009 may be over, but the aftershocks are still being felt. Governments around the world are taking a hard look at the guidelines and regulations they are...

Why Should Anyone Be Led by YOU?

Leadership Is a Relationship Between Leaders and Followers Like all relationships, leadership is a somewhat fragile condition. Cultivating leadership must be done carefully and constantly. Yet too many leaders hone prescriptive behaviors outside the...

Development of High Potentials

A successful high-potential leadership development initiative is a partnership between the organization, its managers and its employees. BlessingWhite’s workplace research indicates that most employees are looking for interesting or meaningful work. Yet each employee...

Leadership Development

Leadership Development As a top leadership development firm, we understand the challenges leaders at all levels face in staying true to their personal convictions, acting swiftly in times of uncertainty, being accountable for the...