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The Core Elements of Executive Presence

Executive presence is likely to remain on the top of the list of desirable leadership traits. Hold onto the leaders who have it—they can be hard to find. Work with your leaders to cultivate the skills that can improve it.


The Task-Time Tension

Time-task tensions will always exist. As a leader, you can move your organization to a place or progress by shifting the way you spend time. By setting the example, you’ll decrease your own feelings of being overwhelmed and create a new level of energy that’s sure to spread.

The Outthinker Process

A Strategic and Innovative Thinking Workshop: Out-think the Competition® In times of change, the ability to create innovative solutions and to see innovative strategic options becomes critical for continued success. Innovation rarely happens by...

Senior Team Consulting

Alignment of culture and performance starts at the top The individual and collective credibility, decisions, communications and actions of a senior team determine whether or not your workforce takes ownership of the organization’s culture and performance...

Senior Executive Services

In today’s world of work, senior leaders cannot rely on business competence alone.  In a highly networked social organization, senior leaders operate under a microscope.  They need to be visible figureheads, guardians of the...

Organizational Culture

A high-performance culture is critical for building employee commitment and enthusiasm, acting with speed and flexibility and driving and sustaining growth. It is characterized by: A clear, compelling, communicated corporate purpose to shape business...

Earn the right to be heard 0

Earn the Right to Be Heard

Many say that leading change is all about vision. Knowing where you need to go is important, but it’s not enough. Leadership power depends on your ability to earn the right to be heard. If...


Well – who do we shoot?

The ripple effects from the 2008/2009 financial market meltdown have crossed oceans and industries. The numbers boggle the mind — dwarfing the losses associated with the dot-com bust. Even those organizations that appear to...