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Stop the Insanity: Conversations to Help Performance SOAR

Nobel-Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. While he was certainly not talking about performance management conversations, our recent research suggests that...

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How Coaching Begets Coaching

Many organizations aspire to build a ‘coaching culture’ in which each manager shares experiences and insights with their direct reports to boost performance, effectiveness and personal satisfaction at work.

Partnering for Performance

Course Description Managers often view performance management as being primarily the end-of-year performance review. In truth, performance management is an ongoing, year-round function. The annual review is merely the culmination of the conversations that...

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Feedback: Giving and Receiving

Course Description This course teaches the skills that are necessary to both give and receive constructive and positive feedback in a way that maintains relationships and increases performance. Feedback opens the door to discussion...

Performance Management

For the enterprise to succeed, all employees need to be high performers – and focused on what matters most. As organizations try to execute business strategies, hold people accountable, pay for performance and measure...