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Innovating in the Ivy League

In this webinar BlessingWhite will speak with a representative from the top university in the country about how they plan to use inclusion to cultivate innovation among their staff. We will also interview an expert from Catalyst, a leading research institution specializing on Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.

Outthinker - a strategic innovation program 0

The Organization of the Future

Last June, John Chambers, former Cisco CEO, proposed that “soon you’ll see huge companies with just two employees – the CEO and CIO.” The concept seems crazy now, but tangible evidence suggests we are...


HR’s Role in Strategic Thinking

Recent research into innovation reveals that the key to being a successful innovator has less to do with what’s been previously assumed — like your R&D process or the number of patents you file....

The Outthinker Process

A Strategic and Innovative Thinking Workshop: Out-think the Competition® In times of change, the ability to create innovative solutions and to see innovative strategic options becomes critical for continued success. Innovation rarely happens by...

The Outthinker Process- Full Version

An interview with author Kaihan Krippendorff who describes the concepts and application of strategic innovation: how today’s Outthinkers are using disruptive approaches to building sustainable competitive advantage.

Outthink the competition

Author Kaihan Krippendorff describes the IDEAS framework – the central process to Strategic Innovation.  Outthink the Competition is a strategic workshop that organizations can employ to develop creative solutions to disrupt markets and gain...