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Leading Change: A Professional Development Program


Getting Real — 4 Ways to Inspire the People You Lead

Blessing White’s ongoing research underscores this: in 360 feedback data collected for thousands of managers and executives, the majority of leaders get higher ratings on the competence items than on the connection items. The leaders who were rated highest overall were not the ones who scored highest in the competence Items, but rather, the ones scoring highest in the connection items.

The Leader in 2025

Preparing leaders today to lead the workforce of tomorrow The Leader in 2025 examines workplace trends and employee expectations to determine the next wave of leadership skills that will be needed for the modern...

Leading Change

Course Description Change is in every new project, every new customer, and every improvement in products or services. Change can be major, like a merger or acquisition. Or change can be minor, like the...


Rise of the Wikipedians

As detailed in our ongoing series of research reports, technical people in organizations are increasingly critical to success. They have specific workplace needs, and face particular pitfalls when taking on leadership roles. The challenge...