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Getting Real — 4 Ways to Inspire the People You Lead

Blessing White’s ongoing research underscores this: in 360 feedback data collected for thousands of managers and executives, the majority of leaders get higher ratings on the competence items than on the connection items. The leaders who were rated highest overall were not the ones who scored highest in the competence Items, but rather, the ones scoring highest in the connection items.

A leading credit card and financial services firm

The situation: This organization’s market leadership depends on maintaining secure and high-functioning payment systems 24/7 worldwide. Since 2000, we have worked together to ensure that leaders at all levels of the organization have the skills...

Manufacturer of automobile components

The situation: This innovative firm had achieved admirable profits and market share by being highly specialized and entrepreneurial. Its executive team realized, however, that the organization’s success was too tightly linked to the ups and...