As a research based consulting firm, BlessingWhite is on a continuous quest to better understand the dynamics of today’s workplaces.  We aim to advise our clients and the world at large on what works best in terms of leadership, coaching, employee engagement and all other aspects of building high-performing workplaces.

As part of this effort we regularly seek the input from employees around the world.  Participants include people who have subscribed to our monthly eNews, participants in our training programs and people who opt-in through various marketing and lead-generation activities (such as conferences, open sessions and webcasts).

All of our research data is anonymized, reported in an aggregate format and no individual is identified without his or her explicit consent.  None of this data is reported back to 3rd parties (for example our clients) in a way that identifies who was providing the input.

The research reports we publish on are not related to any of our client’s individual internal research efforts.

If you received an invitation to participate in our employment survey, but would rather not receive these communications, we apologize for the interruption and encourage you to use the ‘unsubscribe’ link which features at the end of every communication we send out on this subject.

You can also connect with our research team by using the ‘contact us form on this page, or the contact details found here.