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BlessingWhite / GP Strategies nominated a top 20 Leadership firm for 2014 (5th year running). nominates BlessingWhite as a top 3 leadership training company

Why skills alone are not enough when building a coaching culture.

Discover what we mean by a "4th quadrant" organization.

The funnel: dealing with the dangers of micromanagement.

Differentiated leadership:
Competence and Connection.

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The Building Blocks of Leadership

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Employee Engagement

BlessingWhite offers a comprehensive suite of employee engagement resources, from an action-oriented survey process to development resources for each organizational level.

2013 Research Update:

Employee Engagement

As part of our ongoing series, we are pleased to provide a new set of figures and further insights.


Employee Engagement
Consulting, measurement, strategy and development


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Workplace research
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Upcoming events:

25 Apr 2014
hosted by: Strategy& (formerly Booz and Company)
101 Park Avenue
New York, NY
8:30 AM – 11:00 AM

Leading through Change with Today’s Professionals

Please join us for an interactive session to explore BlessingWhite’s new leadership solution, Leading Technical People+. This event will equip you to better understand the unique needs of technical experts and how their leaders can be taught skills and strategies to lead your organization to success.

29-29 Apr 2014
(BST) - Webex
2.00 PM – 3.00 PM

BlessingWhite Research Webinar- Perceptions on Career 2014

Join BlessingWhite's research team to review the most recent trends following the Perceptions on Career 2014 survey; looking at defining the employee’s needs and the actions organisations are taking to meet them.
During this webinar we will review the most recent trends following the Perceptions on Career 2014 survey; looking the data behind what are employee’s needs and what are organisation doing to support them?

30 Apr -
1 May 2014
9.00 AM – 5.30 PM

Leading Technical People + Open Programme

Following the launch of BlessingWhite's 2013 research into the Challenges of Leading Technical People, we have re-designed our unique leadership development programme specifically created for leaders of technical specialists. Our updated Leading Technical People Plus (LTP+) programme is a continuous learning approach and focusses on the specific skills leaders need to have in order to lead all types of experts including, Engineers, Industrial designers, Technicians, Mathematicians, Scientists, Statisticians, Programmers, Medical Specialists and more. Leaders of expert people and teams must be equipped with specific skills to forge engagement whilst leading innovation to move the business forward.

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Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?

When business results depend on leading others, it helps to understand what followers need.

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