It’s Your Career

Most employees are drifting, not driven. They don’t know what their organizations want them to do next. And they themselves aren’t really sure what they want. They need help in clarifying their engagement drivers and career aspirations so they can successfully redefine and navigate today’s uncharted career landscape.  Our message: It’s YourCareer – and we will help you take ownership.

The foundation for employees’ future career success is an understanding of their employee engagement drivers and the capabilities they have to move the organization’s strategy forward. It continues with career development plans to explore and take action on both the obvious – and not so obvious – opportunities for development or challenging work. In today’s world of work, sometimes the best career move is a subtle change in the current job.

It’s Your Career enables participants to:

  • Take ownership of their careers by understanding today’s career landscape and the three components of successful career development plans (Know Yourself, Know Your Options, Take Action)
  • Assess their personal values, career employee engagement drivers, strengths/weaknesses (Full Spectrum Leadership Competencies), and preferred job conditions
  • Align their capabilities, interests, and aspirations with organizational goals and available opportunities
  • Utilize existing career resources in their career development plans
  • Explore and evaluate career moves and job rotation assignments for job fit and alignment with employee engagement drivers (e.g., both competencies and job conditions)
  • Identify strengths to build and weaknesses to address so they can create a targeted Development Plan
  • Continue to actively manage their career long after the workshop concludes

A 3 step blended learning process

It’s Your Career is typically delivered as a 45-minute online prework, a 2-hour web class or half-day workshop, and follow-up online tools and resources.

1. Know yourself

  • Your values and interests
  • Your employee engagement drivers
  • Your strengths and differentiators
  • Your ideal job conditions

2. Know your options

  • What information do you need?
  • Where can you find it?

3. Take action

  • Manage current satisfaction & performance
  • Talk about your career and employee engagement drivers
  • Develop for today & tomorrow
  • Evaluate opportunities


  • A new perspective on today’s career landscape and  effective career management
  • Clarity on your career employee engagement drivers, strengths, and differentiators
  • Improved understanding of the conditions under which you do your best work
  • Ideas for exploring opportunities within the organization
  • A discussion strategy to enlist support for your career development plans
  • Familiarity with additional tools for taking control of your career

Online Prework and Post Workshop Resources

It’s Your Career uses online activities and resources to make the most of participants’ face-to-face experience.

Online Prework

  • Requires approximately 30 minutes.
  • Features three “Know Yourself” self-assessments (values, competencies, ideal job profile) so that participants spend the bulk of the workshop applying their insights as opposed to heads-down in-class analysis.
  • Includes two types of non-anonymous feedback invitations (to gather perspectives on competencies and values).
  • Enables participants to print their “Know Yourself” Summary and bring it with them to the workshop.

Postworkshop Resources

The workshop experience is designed to introduce participants to key career management concepts and tools, provide maximum interaction and discussion, and tap participants’ personal motivators so they will be more likely to take self-directed action after the classroom experience. Therefore, the It’s Your Career site contains online exercises, information, and planning tools that participants can continue to use on the job. It features:

  • Online activities and information to support the three core components of career management (Know Yourself, Know Your Options, and Take Action). For example:
    • Career planning preparation and discussion guide
    • Sample questions and tips for informational interviews
    • Guidelines for considering a preliminary career goal
    • Ideas for leveraging strengths
  • Downloadable PDF file of tools (career discussion guide, decision making matrix, etc.)

Customization options

Career development plans should never occur in a vacuum. Employees need to know their employee engagement drivers and pursue their aspirations, goals, and values while delivering on the organization’s mission-critical business imperatives. Therefore, our career solutions are always tailored to client needs.
Examples of content that can be tailored include:

  • The look and language of print and online resources (e.g., company logo/ branding and specific terms)
  • Replacement of generic skills inventories (used in our skills assessments) with company/industry specific competencies
  • Appropriate references to existing resources and processes ( e.g., career development plans, job postings, development tools)
  • Content tailoring to reflect a specific “career philosophy” and expectations.

 Participant quotes

I would recommend anyone questioning their career or career path to take this course- this course really puts into perspective the opportunities we have in front of us and to work for.

Going over what my values/criteria for job satisfaction to determine what next steps to take, as well as taking some time to take a step back and look at my career trajectory.