It’s Your Career – eLearning

Employees are drifting, not driven. Without a clear employee career development plan, they don’t know what their organizations want them to do next. They themselves aren’t really sure what they want. They need help in clarifying their engagement drivers and career aspirations so they can successfully redefine and navigate today’s uncharted career landscape. Our message: It’s Your Career – and we will help you take ownership.

The foundation for employees’ future career success is an understanding of their engagement drivers and the capabilities they have to move the organization’s strategy forward. It continues with an employee career development plan to explore and take action on both the obvious – and not so obvious – opportunities for development or challenging work. In today’s world of work, sometimes the best career move is a subtle change in the current job. This online career development eLearning module is a valuable alternative for career development guidance for an employee population organizations cannot reach via live delivery.

It’s Your Career — online career development eLearning module enables participants to:

  • Take ownership of their careers by honing their personal definition of “career success” and working through the three components of successful career management (Know Yourself, Explore Your Growth Options, Take Action)
  • Understand the dynamics of engagement and its role in each individual’s career success
  • Identify action items to help them achieve more “great days at work” for greater job satisfaction
  • Self-assess their personal values, career drivers, strengths/weaknesses (Full Spectrum Leadership Competencies), and preferred job conditions
  • Enlist support from their manager and others to create an employee career development plan and to learn about growth paths and opportunities within the organization that align with their preliminary growth goals, capabilities and drivers
  • Navigate their network and conduct informational interviews to identify action items needed to get where they want to go
  • Continue to actively manage their career long after the module concludes

It’s Your Career — Online Career Development eLearning Outline

This online career development module is designed to take participants about 1-hour to complete, and there are suggested time allotments for each activity to help them stay on track.  They are welcome to take longer than the hour if they like.

1. Know yourself

  • Your values
  • Your strengths and differentiators
  • Your ideal job conditions

2. Explore your growth options

  • Preliminary career goal
  • Information to gather
  • Strategic networking
  • Informational interviews

3. Take action

  • Take on new projects for growth and increased satisfaction
  • Talk about your career
  • Realize more great days at work


  • Define “career” and career success
  • Understand how engagement drives career success
  • Understand what career drivers are, and start identifying yours
  • Enlist support from others for career exploration and growth within the organization
  • Identify steps you can take to follow your employee career development plan and to grow your career in the organization
  • Take the first step in growing your career


The following employee career development plan resources are included and available at the completion of the It’s Your Career — online career development eLearning module.

  • “Career Compass” workbook which includes:
    • Engagement level and “Great Days at Work” exercise to help participants pinpoint what satisfies them about their jobs
    • Three “Know Yourself” self-assessments (values, competencies, ideal job profile) so participants can identify their career drivers
    • Networking diagram with preliminary career goal
    • Information to gather and action items
  • “Career Compass” Toolkit
    • Additional self-assessment forms to help manage current job satisfaction
    • Supplemental informational interview questions and preparation considerations
    • Development ideas to guild on strengths, fix fatal flaws
    • Action plans

Technical Specifications

BlessingWhite will provide the eLearning in a SCORM or AICC compliant package.