Career Portal

BlessingWhite’s State of the Career research revealed that when it comes to online career resources, “if you build it, they will come” is an expensive myth. Most standalone online leadership development tools, libraries, or communities result in little use and even less perception of value. When a career portal is part of a multi-faceted approach however, results differ dramatically. The facilitated learning experiences provide the knowledge and motivation that employees and managers need to avail themselves to ongoing tools and information.

A successful career portal:

  • Is much more than a repository of information
  • Enables self-directed action
  • Blends company-specific information and online career resources with online leadership development tools and exercises that build on the learning experience
  • Engages the user
  • Recognizes the user and provides a personal experience and data storage (e.g., it’s not “[client]’s Career Portal” but “Lee’s Career @ [client]”)
  • Sustains your career development initiative beyond the initial rollout by:
    Providing new employees with archived web classes and the ability to register for ongoing learning sessions
    Establishing a one-stop shop for career success.

The BlessingWhite career portal can:

  • Be fully incorporated with the online leadership development activities associated with the employee and manager learning experiences
  • Provide an online career resource ‘Tool Kit’ of related policies, profiles, development tools, etc.
  • Enable employees to:
    Review key concepts
    Invite additional feedback on their skills and values
    Plan career exploration discussions
    Complete the career decision-making matrix as often as they would like
    Register for in-depth learning labs
  • Enable managers to:
    Manage their own careers with the employee tools
    Review key concepts specific to managers
    Plan and track outcomes of career coaching conversations