Career Conversations

Career Conversations

The managerial program, Career Conversations, is focused on equipping managers to engage in productive career conversations.  The program uses BlessingWhite research to help debunk the myth that a successful career conversation requires the promise of increased compensation or a promotion.

Managers are encouraged to focus in three primary areas:

  • Knowledge of their team members’ identity – their values, skills, and interests
  • Organizational context, including what changes might be happening or where new positions, projects, or other opportunities might be coming up
  • Matchmaking and actively connecting talent to opportunity

The point is not for them to be talent hoarders, but to help multiply talent by sharing based on what they know individuals, and the organization, needs.

Our Career Conversations program helps managers:

  • Understand what they need to know about their employees in order to have effective career conversations
  • Appreciate their role in sharing talent—both for the good of the organization and the benefit of the individual
  • Learn easy-to-use coaching skills to spark a career conversation as part of the everyday casual interactions they have with their employees