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Organizations looking to build a comprehensive engagement strategy centered on career need to take a multifaceted approach. The organization must provide tools and a clear career philosophy that managers can articulate in performance and engagement conversations. BlessingWhite’s suite of career development programs is designed as a foundation upon which a customized and strategically focused career initiative can be built.

Concepts for Successful Career Development

Neither straightjackets nor free agents

blessingwhite_engagementCareer success is the result of a win-win partnership between an employee and the organization he or she works for. It provides sufficient flexibility to tap into the individual drivers and skills of the individual, while staying within the parameters and guardrails of what the organization needs to be successful. Successful career development programs link career development to the organization’s business priorities.

Establish shared roles and responsibilities

As a win-win partnership, the three main parties involved have to come to the table with a willingness to partner and work together. These three parties are:

The State of the Career research report provides insights into employees’ percetions of career and best practices for organizations.
  • Individual: must take responsibility for their career success and job satisfaction.
  • Manager: don’t need all the answers. But they should support and facilitate employees’ career journeys with an eye to what the organization needs…. and good heavens, they should not be barriers to career growth.
  • Organization: must provide tools….
    …. and also be very clear about their career philosophy – what does a career – what does a bright future look like around here?


Elements of the career suite

It’s your career

Blended learning: 45-minute online prework, a 2-hour web class or half-day workshop, and follow-up online tools and resources

The foundation for employees’ future career success is an understanding of their engagement drivers and the capabilities they have to move the organization’s strategy forward. It continues with a plan to explore and take action on both the obvious – and not so obvious – opportunities for development or challenging work. In today’s world of work, sometimes the best career move is a subtle change in the current job.

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Career coaching

Blended learning: 15-minute prework, a 2-hour web class or half-day workshop, and follow-up tools

Half of employees will look for interesting or meaningful work in their next job. Not a promotion or their manager’s job. Not large financial rewards. They want work that “works” for them. It’s the role of your managers to help employees realistically align their aspirations with the organization’s goals.

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Career development
is about getting people to where they want to be and to where the organization needs them to be.

Career portal

BlessingWhite’s State of the Career research revealed that most stand-alone online tools, libraries, or communities result in little use and even less perception of value.
However, when a career portal is part of a high-tech, high-touch strategy, results differ dramatically. Facilitated learning experiences or individualized career coaching provide the advice and motivation that employees and managers need to avail themselves to ongoing tools and information.

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Career program consulting

A strategic, comprehensive approach

“If you build it they will come” is a myth. To support organization-wide career initiatives in the context of your business goals, BlessingWhite consultants can provide implementation consulting, communication strategy support, and executive briefings.

  • Organization-wide communications and positioning. Senior team briefing.
  • Virtual and/or in person kick-off (60-90 minutes)
  • Email initiation
  • Online prework (30-60 minutes)
  • Core workshop or Core Web Class
  • Individual Actions:
    — Action plan execution
    — Discussions
    — Use of online tools
  • Ongoing access of the career portal

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