Career Connections

Career Connections

Career development is one of the most meaningful and personal ways you can impact employees’ lives. Progress means something different to each and every individual.  At the same time, it is an area that impacts your organization.  Engagement and retention numbers improve when organizations support career development.  And the organization benefits when talent can be identified for key projects, new roles, or leadership opportunities.

Career Connections is BlessingWhite’s research-based career suite, designed to aid individual career exploration and support managers as they engage in effective career conversations with their employees.

What the research indicates.

BlessingWhite career research reveals that over 80% of participants say career development opportunities have some impact—or greatly impact—their level of engagement.  We also know that the top reasons employees would change their jobs are for better opportunities, career growth, and support.

When employees think about their career, our research shows that meaningful work and interesting work are the most important criteria they will look for in their next position, regardless of whether or not that position is with their current organization or a new one.

Career is not something happening in the distance—it is not about creating a ten-year plan and then progressing up the ladder until a certain job title is reached.  Career is happening right now, and employees are increasingly taking a shorter-term view of career development.  Instead of waiting to be satisfied by career development milestones set for the future, they want a job that satisfies their needs today and positions them for the future.   They also want support from their managers and from a broader community of individuals.

Our Career Connections suite leverages that research to optimize engagement and retention among your workforce, and improve overall job satisfaction in the process. The suite includes two proven programs:

  • Your Career – what’s now. what’s next.  what if.
  • Career Conversations for Managers

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