The Outthinker Process

A Strategic and Innovative Thinking Workshop: Out-think the Competition®

In times of change, the ability to create innovative solutions and to see innovative strategic options becomes critical for continued success. Innovation rarely happens by accident, especially once an organization or team is executing. We tend to think of innovation as a magical property that leaders and teams either have or will always lack, when in facttraits and behaviors for developing innovations can be cultivated through a purposeful process using proven principles and stratagems. The Outthinker Process equips leaders and their teams with a practical, repeatable method to develop and create innovative solutions that help them outthink and outperform their competition.


To drive organizational success, it is necessary to think beyond obvious solutions. Businesses easily get stuck thinking that they only have this, that, or the other option, when in fact, developing innovations that push beyond the obvious creates a Fourth Option® not previously considered. Individuals and teams working through The Outthinker Process discover Fourth Options® for breakthrough solutions to challenges of any size.

Throughout this one or one-and-a-half-day program, participants first work through a business case to master the process, habits, and core tools. Participants then deepen their skills by applying what they have learned to a real-life, immediate business challenge. By immediately practicing what they learn, participants build their comfort level by developing innovations to create breakthrough solutions to their business challenges.

BlessingWhite’s strategic innovation program, The Outthinker Process, is based on the book Outthink the Competition by business strategist Kaihan Krippendorff. This program draws on the study of hundreds of history’s most innovative strategic thinkers and competitive companies from Wal-Mart and GE to Google and Apple. It is designed to help leaders gain strategic clarity and create innovative solutions.

Participants leave with a set of tools to use that can be applied to any challenge. By working through the IDEAS framework (Imagine, Dissect, Expand, Analyze, and Sell), The Outthinker Process enables individuals and teams to define and start developing innovations to address critical business challenges.

Learning Objectives

Participants in The Outthinker Process will:

  • Learn and gain command over a set of strategic and innovative thinking tools
  • Apply these tools to real-world challenges
  • Create Fourth Option® solutions for a current initiative or problem

Target audience

The Outthinker Process is designed for the following:

  • Senior level leaders and intact teams who must address strategic problems and turn opportunities into competitive advantages and/or
  • Any individual who will benefit from learning and applying strategic thinking and innovation skills in their role
Learn more about Kaihan Krippendorff and the Outthinker Processs on BlessingWhite’s website.
“Innovation is not an option. It is a fundamental requisite of survival. Throughout history, innovative societies have dominated their less- creative rivals. The first civilizations to adopt a new innovation — the first to embrace agriculture, direct rivers, learn metallurgy, or organize themselves into governments — always gained power over their neighbors, at least for some period of time. Indeed, the ability to innovate has determined life and death, dominance and subservience, winning and losing for as long as man has been concerned with such things. In the same way, innovative companies dominate their competition.” — Kaihan Krippendorff

The Way of Innovation Book by Kaihan Krippendorff


After participating in The Outthinker Process, your organization’s leaders will be better able to:

  • Achieve strategic clarity
  • Create innovative solutions to pressing challenges
  • Develop cohesive strategy
  • Drive innovative thinking in the organization

“All innovations start when someone experiences a Shift by naming something, categorizing it, or seeing a use for it in a novel way and then convinces others to experience the same Shift. It is the aim of this book to help you understand how to cause the Shift in yourself, your organization and your environment… to become a more effective innovator, better skilled at changing the world.”