Senior Team Consulting

Alignment of culture and performance starts at the top

The individual and collective credibility, decisions, communications and actions of a senior team determine whether or not your workforce takes ownership of the organization’s culture and performance goals.

Our senior leadership development consultants use a suite of tools and processes to ensure that your senior team is committed to a clear organizational direction and goals, functions effectively as individuals as well as a team and models the key drivers of a high-performance culture.

Most consulting engagements feature a member of our own senior team. Our senior leadership development consultants are not only experts in our content and tools, but they also have first-hand experience in running a business, inspiring a dispersed workforce and making difficult decisions as leaders of leaders.


We’ll determine the objectives and scope of the leaders of leaders consulting engagements with you, and deliver outcomes, as appropriate, that include:

  • Clarity of organizational mission, vision and values
  • A clear framework for driving the business
  • An agreed-to decision-making process that drives bottom-line results and reinforces your culture
  • Individual action plans for increased leadership effectiveness
  • A communication plan for sharing relevant data, insights and senior team action plans to the workforce
  • Increased senior team cohesion, trust and effectiveness
  • Leaders at the top who can bring their unique personality into what they say and do, model the values and behaviors they purport and inspire commitment

Distinguishing features