High Performance Culture Scan


Know Where You’re Starting and How Far You’ve Traveled

Reality checks can be painful, but they’re a requirement for keeping your organization on track as you create a culture that drives and sustains peak business performance.

Our High-Performance Culture Scan™ measures how well your leaders and business practices align with your espoused organizational values. Typically this high performance culture training features a blend of an online employee survey, one-on-one interviews with key leaders and focus groups with new and veteran employees. The findings are woven into our senior team consulting engagements and serve as a baseline from which to measure progress in building a high-performance culture.

High Performance Culture Scan Outcomes

  • A clear picture of your organization’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Assessment of your leadership’s impact on the workforce
  • Solid data from which to plan and measure organization-wide culture initiatives

High Performance Culture Training Distinguishing features

  • Customized to meet specific business needs
  • Follow-up consulting and executive coaching, as appropriate, to track progress and maintain momentum