Time Management · A professional development program

Course Description

In today’s business climate, every member of the organization is challenged to accomplish more in a given day. This can be difficult and lead to increased stress for employees. In this time management class, participants will learn many time management tools and techniques that not only help them complete their projects and tasks more efficiently, but also help them manage their stress load.

A great deal of misunderstanding surrounds the term “time management”. Participants will explore the concept of time management and what it truly requires. Next, they will engage in an extremely insightful time management in the workplace activity that will help them identify how they are spending their time. During the debrief, participants will be able to determine if the current time allocation is conducive to accomplishing the necessary projects, tasks, and goals. Large projects, in particular, can be overwhelming and lead to procrastination; it is often difficult to know where to begin. Participants will learn to utilize a tool which will help them take large projects and break them down into manageable chunks. This time management in the workplace tool will also help leaders identify which tasks can be delegated; thereby both freeing up their time and developing their employees.

Once participants have a basic understanding of time management and their personal time demands, they will then take the Time Mastery Profile®. This assessment will profile their strengths and weaknesses, and help them further explore their time management habits. This information will help them target specific content in the time management class.

Planning is essential to effective time management. Participants will learn to utilize a three-step process that will help them organize and prioritize their time. This will help avoid the common habit of multitasking. Through a fun demonstration, several truths associated with multitasking will be revealed; participants will see how multitasking can actually create more time challenges than it solves.

Despite the best planning, everyone experiences interruptions. This time management class can be customized to address the most common interruptions that the participants in the class encounter. Strategies to prevent and control these interruptions will be discussed. The session will end with an interactive time management in the workplace activity where participants will utilize their new tools to practice the time management skills and techniques learned in the course.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  1. Define time management
  2. Assess your mastery level on 12 time management dimensions
  3. Plan using a three-step process
  4. Identify time wasters and what to do about them
  5. Prevent and control interruptions
  6. Organize your paperwork and e-mails


This course has an 4-hour agenda.