Teamwork · A professional development program

Course Description

Most of the time when you hear the word team, it’s about a group of people who get together to complete a special project. This teamwork workshop is about creating a team environment among the people with whom you work each day and a team environment that will foster a positive and productive work group. Participants will learn techniques for translating team goals into individual goals, empowering all team members to participate, encouraging collaboration among team members, and monitoring the team’s progress using structured tools and processes.


After completing this teamwork in the workplace course, you will be able to:

  • Identify telltale signs that the teamwork within your team needs attention.
  • Apply techniques to translate goals to individual team members.
  • Apply techniques to empower all team members to participate.
  • Apply techniques to encourage collaboration among all team members.
  • Discuss techniques to monitor the team’s environment and to make adjustments.
  • Recognize how teamwork is often more beneficial than individual performance.


Teamwork Assessment (in the Participant Guide)


This course has a 4-hour agenda.

Class Size

This course is designed for up to 20 participants.