Stress Management · A professional development program

Course Description

Stress is a normal part of everyday life. A person’s ability to understand and manage their stress has a direct correlation to effective performance in the workplace. In this stress management class, participants will learn how stress works, recognize personal sources of stress, understand the effects of stress, develop resilience strategies, and create an action plan to reduce stress and improve productivity.

Participants start the managing work stress course by identifying both their current stress level and primary stressors on a banner; this banner will be referred to throughout the stress management class. Participants will then engage in a brief discussion on the impact of this stress in both their work and personal lives. A three-step stress management process will then be introduced. These three steps are the foundation for the session; participants will work through each step and apply the concepts and learning to their own situations.

For the first step, Awareness, participants will work in small groups to define stress and examine their reactions to stress. As a large group, they will then participate in a discussion of good stress, bad stress, and both the personal as well as business impacts of these. During this managing work stress discussion, they will learn the science behind how stress works and identify both internal and external sources of stress.

Once participants have a general understanding of how stress works, the sources of stress, and the impacts of stress, they are then ready to transition to Step Two: Assessment. During this step in the stress management class, participants will reflect on their current stress sources: work, home, self, health, and relationships. Assessing stress sources in each arena allows participants to make targeted steps toward handling these effectively.

During the third step, Action Planning, participants will work in groups to identify and discuss strategies for managing stress. Finally, as a large group, they will further participate in activities to help them learn and apply the stress management techniques of acceptance, reframing, and create additional strategies for resilience.


After completing this managing work stress course, you will be able to:

  • Apply a three-step process to manage your stress.
  • Define stress.
  • Discuss how stress works.
  • Identify personal sources of stress.
  • Apply effective strategies to increase resilience.
  • Implement an action plan to reduce stress and improve personal productivity.


This course has a 4-hour agenda.

Class Size

This course is designed for up to 20 participants.