Provide Powerful Service · A professional development program

Course Description

The purpose of the employee customer service training course is to identify best practices and their supporting skills so that employees can continue to provide excellent service to both internal and external customers.

A step-by-step philosophy stands behind the purpose and objectives. Given today’s business and economic climate, it is important for participants to experience and understand the reality of their customers. Through a simulation, participants witness different behaviors offered by an employee of the organization as they attempt to resolve a realistic business issue or need. Through that experience, participants will then be able to clearly identify behaviors that helped the customer progress and resolve the issue, as well as those that hindered the customer. They also discuss, during a thorough debrief, what the impact of those behaviors is on internal and external customers, and how that impacts the decisions the customers may eventually make. For external customers, this could lead to a decision of whether or not to continue to do business with your organization. For internal customers, the demonstrated behaviors could influence the level of service that they receive from their colleagues. This could include deciding which department to service first, or whether they should, ultimately, decide to continue to share their talents with the organization.

Once that impact is explored and understood, participants are more open to examining their behaviors and the personal power that they offer when helping internal and external customers. They examine their expertise and share best practices with one another.

The final step in the employee customer service training course is to examine and practice the role of feedback in sustaining the desired partnering behaviors throughout their departments and between the different organizational functions and sites.


After completing this employee customer service training course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize and understand the perspectives of both internal and external customers and appreciate our impact on the ability to get their needs met.
  • Use a consultative and partner-based approach to facilitate solutions for internal and external customers.
  • Apply your expertise in ways that provide value.
  • Provide positive feedback to colleagues on the use of partnership behaviors; ask for and accept feedback from colleagues.


This course has a 4-hour agenda.