Problem Solving and Decision Making · A professional development program

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Course Description

Employees in any organization find themselves solving problems on a daily basis. The ability to identify the problem, pinpoint the true cause and identify a workable solution is essential for personal, professional, and organizational success.

In this problem solving and decision making course, participants will learn to identify problems proactively, correctly state identified problems, identify the most likely cause, and determine innovative solutions. They are also asked to bring a current work problem to class and to be prepared to have fun with problem solving!

Participants begin the problem solving and decision making course by working in small groups to solve a problem. During the debrief, they discuss challenges and successes in the process they used to resolve the problem. In this discussion, they identify a problem as being the gap between the current state and the desired state. They also discuss and identify barriers to effective problem solving and their role in overcoming those barriers. Similar small problems are introduced periodically during the day to challenge participants’ thinking and keep it fresh.

In the next segment of the problem solving and decision making course, participants are introduced to a six-step problem-solving process. Using a case study based on an actual problem, they will work step-by-step in small groups and apply the process to the case study. While working through these steps, they will learn multiple tools that they can use to identify causes and solutions in an efficient and effective manner back in the workplace.

Once they have had an opportunity to use the tools and the six-step process, participants will then apply their learning and the tools to an actual problem that they need to solve. Engaging in this activity allows them to see how powerful and practical the process and tools can be in helping them resolve real issues. Participants conclude the session by engaging in individual action planning.


After completing this problem solving and decision making course, you will be able to:

  • Define your role in problem solving.
  • Identify barriers to effective problem solving.
  • Apply a six-step problem-solving process.
  • Select appropriate tool(s) to effectively problem solve.


Bring in problem situation that you are experiencing.


This course has an 8-hour agenda.

Class Size

This course is designed for up to 25 participants.