Mentoring · A professional development program

Course Description

Mentoring is one way in which to transfer expertise and knowledge to new workers. Mentoring has been proven to reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction. This mentoring in the workplace course provides an opportunity for a mentor and his/her protégé to work together, and learn about each other and how to work effectively together. Worksheets are provided to allow mentors and protégés to learn about one another, identify interaction guidelines, and set mentoring goals. Participants will discuss and practice the components of being an effective mentor and protégé.


After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Define your role and responsibilities as a mentor or protégé in the mentoring process.
  • Understand the phases of coaching and mentoring employees, and the activities in each phase.
  • Understand your mentor’s or protégé’s interaction style.
  • Set and manage expectations for the mentoring relationship.
  • Listen with openness and understanding.
  • Provide supportive feedback.
  • Coach mistakes without commanding or criticizing.

Course Design

This mentoring in the workplace course is designed for the mentor and protégé to attend together.


This course on coaching and mentoring employees in the workplace has a 4-hour agenda.

Class Size

This course is designed for up to 25 participants.