Hiring Talent — Right Person, Right Job · A professional development program

Hiring - getting the right person into the right job - is a critical step in the talent management process.

Course Description

Given today’s business realities, organizations must utilize their resources wisely. Hiring the right person for the right job is a challenge. When the challenge of getting the right person for the job is met, turnover is low, morale and productivity are high, and great customer service is provided. This course is designed to provide information and skills to assess, build, and conduct high-quality selection interviews in order to decide on the right person for the right job.

Participants begin the hiring talent course by discussing the impact of poor hiring decisions, including the cost of turnover. They then are introduced to a four-step interviewing process that consists of assessing the job requirements, building the interview questions, conducting the interview, and deciding on hiring the right person for the job. Throughout this process, participants will utilize their own organization’s hiring practices, competencies, and value behaviors, which will allow for greater transfer of the skills when the participant needs to apply them in their work environment.

The building of questions is a key skill that participants gain from this hiring talent course. They explore different types of questions, from traditional to behavior-based, and learn which questions elicit specific responses. Participants then learn to create behavior-based questions that are directly relevant to the job requirements. They also learn and practice how to ask important follow-up questions.

Participants then discuss what needs to happen during the actual interview, including the need to maintain a legal line of questioning. They also examine common interview errors and ways to avoid them. Finally, participants have a chance to practice their new skills by preparing and conducting a mock interview for a position that they may actually need to fill.


After completing this hiring talent course, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the importance of hiring the right person.
  • Calculate the cost of turnover.
  • Explain the organization’s hiring process.
  • Apply a four-step interviewing process.
  • Identify job competencies and value behaviors for an open position.
  • Create behavior-based interview questions.
  • Conduct an effective selection interview.
  • Decide on the best candidate.


This course on hiring the right person for the right position has an 8-hour agenda.