Accountability · A professional development program

Course Description

This accountability in the workplace course teaches the skills and explains the attitude that is necessary for creating an accountable organization. In today’s business climate, it is more important than ever for team members to hold themselves accountable; organizations depend on individuals and teams to implement actions that align with the values, competencies, and strategies of the organization. These values, competencies, and strategies must be demonstrated by every member on a daily basis.

While the term “accountability” is commonly heard, there is often a great deal of confusion about what this word means and to whom it applies. In this accountability program, participants explore the true meaning of accountability and how it relates to them in their day-to-day duties. Next, participants examine the varying levels of power found in organizations. Through an involved discussion, they will begin to recognize the behaviors of those who believe they have no power, those who operate on the level of individual power, and those who demonstrate power on an organizational level. Through this discussion, participants begin to recognize the behaviors and level of power they personally demonstrate. Following this discussion, participants engage in a fun, yet pointed, role play in which they will both witness and demonstrate accountable/unaccountable behaviors. During a debriefing of the role play, the importance of making an accountable choice becomes clear.

Despite the best of professional intentions, there are obstacles to accountability. This is the next concept that participants in this accountability in the workplace course will explore. Some obstacles are internal; some are external. Accountability program participants engage in small- and large-group discussions and activities to identify these obstacles and the techniques to overcome them. In particular, participants explore the different words and phrases that can be used to either create or remove personal accountability or the accountability of their team members. They will observe this language and accompanying behaviors in a video titled “Accountability That Works!”

The final step in the accountability in the workplace course is to take a personal accountability assessment that enables participants to further examine their language and behaviors. Once they complete the assessment, participants will be ready to practice their newly acquired accountability skills in customized role plays that are targeted toward helping them to improve the service they provide to both internal and external customers.


After completing this accountability program, you will be able to:

  • Define accountability, responsibility, and empowerment.
  • Rate yourself and your team on the PowerMeter.
  • Discuss the ‘Account-Able’ Choice.
  • Identify obstacles to being accountable.
  • Apply a three-step model to ask self-accountability questions.
  • Speak the language of empowerment and accountability.
  • Apply a five-step model to create accountability in others.


This course has a 4-hour agenda.

Class Size

This course is designed for up to 25 participants.