Leveraging Differences: Increasing Innovation through Intentional Inclusion

This half-day, instructor-led training deals with creating tools for innovation in the workplace and is the third module in the Leading With Inclusion suite. Highly experiential in nature, this course is designed to connect the concepts of inclusive leadership and innovation. Catalyst research shows that when employees feel included, they are more likely to contribute to their teams, which increases innovation in the workplace. This course equips managers with strategies and tools for innovation.

Emerging Leaders will gain:

  • An understanding of how inclusive leadership can foster innovation in the workplace
  • An approach to creating a “safe space” where innovation can happen
  • Coaching strategies for ensuring team members leverage and learn from mistakes
  • Tactics for increasing inclusive behavior to inspire innovation
  • An understanding of Catalyst research findings and tools for innovation for practical application in day-to-day work

The organization will benefit from:

  • Teams and individuals who are more innovative
  • Increased retention, team citizenship, satisfaction, and contribution
  • Empowered managers
  • Greater engagement and workforce participation
  • A better place to work


Unique Participant Features:

This course is grounded in Catalyst’s model of inclusion. Catalyst’s most recent research found that leaders who exhibited the EACH mindset of empowerment, accountability, courage and humility created tools for innovation and a sense of safety for their employees. Cultivating that safe space led individuals to feel included, and when they felt included, they reported more innovation in the workplace. The model, and the concepts therein, are grounded in Catalyst research.


Catalyst’s pioneering research, tools and services, special events, and recognition programs are designed to support organizations and individual

leaders in the creation of inclusive workplaces here all talent can thrive. Catalyst raises awareness of how diversity benefits today’s global businesses, and provides guidance on how to enact real change.

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More information can be found at Catalyst.org