Why Should Anyone Be Led by YOU?

Leadership Is a Relationship Between Leaders and Followers

Like all relationships, leadership is a somewhat fragile condition. Cultivating leadership must be done carefully and constantly. Yet too many leaders hone prescriptive behaviors outside the context of their followers. They emulate the behaviors of successful leaders like celebrity CEOs or bosses they admire and try to be people they aren’t. As a result, they often fail. If your front line leaders fail, your organization will, too.

The behaviors of successful front line leaders are modified to respond to the needs of their followers and the circumstances they encounter – while simultaneously remaining true to who they are. They demonstrate great leadership – the kind that excites people to extraordinary performance.

Why Should Anyone Be Led by You?™ is grounded in the research and thought leadership of London Business School professor Rob Goffee and Gareth Jones, authors of the best-selling Harvard Business Review article and book of the same name. Our 35-plus years of experience of cultivating front line leadership with thousands of clients worldwide ensures that this blended learning experience is engaging, relevant, sustainable, flexible and effective. We will work with you on the behaviors of successful leaders to create a mix of consulting, content and tools to reflect your organization’s most pressing business priorities, culture and workforce.


Why Should Anyone Be Led By You? - a Harvard Business Press publicationOutcomes

Throughout the process of cultivating leadership, leaders work on their own strategic business challenges. They will develop a detailed strategy for “being themselves – more – with skill” to excite the exceptional performance of their teams and colleagues. Since they will have practiced and fine-tuned the application of front line leadership to their business issues, the impact on the job is immediate. Plus, leaders will be able to continually:

  • Assess the needs of their followers and modify their leadership approach appropriately
  • Deploy their personal values, strengths and even weaknesses to maximize their effectiveness
  • Size up situations and adapt their leadership behavior to drive results
  • Build a thriving community of aligned, engaged team members
  • Communicate more effectively by considering not only their audience’s needs but also the communication vehicles through which they, personally, are most effective
  • Tap into a peer leadership community and expand their influence beyond their teams


Distinguishing features

  • An online learning component to make the most of the action learning experience
  • An intensive working session in which short bursts of learning alternate with in-depth business issue analysis and concept application
  • An online reality check on the needs of followers, which gives focus to the Leaders’ personal development strategies
  • Peer coaching and community building
  • Culture-building capabilities that include an online network and resource center, follow-up webinars, expert learning coaches and certification of internal coaches


Participant quotes

I will return to the office and begin leveraging what I have learned immediately because we used a live project in the learning process.

The model is easy to understand, implement and exercise. The CASE framework put much needed structure around the concept of leadership.

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wsablby_coverWhy Should Anyone Be Led by YOU? The Book
At the start of the Millennium, our research was driven by this single, simple question. It had an impact. Audiences throughout the world paused for thought. Rooms fell silent as people pondered their right to lead. An article in the Harvard Business Review with the question as its title drew a flood of communication and launched us on a five-year journey of cultivating leadership.

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