Preparing leaders today to lead the workforce of tomorrow

the_leader_in_2020_bookThe Leader in 2025 examines workplace trends and employee expectations to determine the next wave of leadership skills that will be needed for the modern organization. Building off of the bestselling book, The 2020 Workplace by Jeanne Meister, this workshop reviews how workplaces will be evolving and how the role of leadership in the workplace will continue to evolve as well. The Leader in 2025 combines the cutting edge research of Future Workplace with an engaging and interactive experience to give participants a glimpse into future workplace trends, employee expectations and leadership in the workplace. The workshop is available in a modular format so that you can select the aspect of future leadership that most appeal to your organization.

In this workshop, we examine three crucial skills to help future leaders start Leading at the Speed of Change. Each module focuses on one skill that leaders need to build to be 2025-ready.

Social Media as a Leadership Tool (2 hours):

Leaders who are proficient as using social media can help promote the values and experience of their company, and engage their teams and top performers. This leadership in the workplace module teaches participants the best practices in using social media as a tool to accomplish their leadership goals and increase their reputation capital. We provide participants with a clear framework and teach them the best practices using social media examples from real business leaders from all over the world. The ability to manage your social media brand will become increasingly important as organizations embrace social media as an internal tool to spread knowledge and cut down on email volumes. As a result of this module, participants will develop their own social media plan to support their goals and their leadership brand.

Transparent Leadership (2 hours):

With so much information available at everyone’s fingertips, the expectation is that information should be openly shared and communicated. In this module, participants will learn about some of the workplace trends in  organizational transparency, what transparent leadership looks like, and how to develop “a bias toward disclosure” so that they can better engage their team by giving insight into company goals. This leadership in the workplace module is designed to get people thinking outside of their organizational silos and to re-imagine what a workplace with clear communication can look like. Participants will review some of the benefits of transparency, including employee expectations, increased inter-department communication, opportunities for innovation, better corporate culture, and more.

Leading through Technological Disruption (2 hours):

With virtual reality around the corner and more and more organizations moving away from email to other messaging services, modern leaders need to be comfortable with navigating changing technology and future workplace trends. This leadership in the workplace module gives a preview of upcoming technology in the workplace so that participants will have a clearer idea of employee expectations and how the workplace will continue to change. We then examine the learning curve around new technology and common reactions and resistance to new technology in the workplace. Finally, we share what leaders can do to support the adoption of new technology to enable the organization to maximize the potential of new ways of working.


Each leadership in the workplace module is available as a stand-alone, in-person training. You can combine two modules for a half-day experience, or all three for a full-day training.

Customization options:

The Leader in 2025 can be delivered as-is, or customized to the needs, workplace trends, employee expectations and specific challenges of your industry and organization. The Leader in 2025 can also be woven into other curriculum or leadership development efforts.

fwplogo[1]The Leader in 2025 is a Future Workplace University program. Future Workplace University is a collaboration between Future Workplace and BlessingWhite to help equip organizations with the skills and insights required to prepare for tomorrows challenges around leadership, employee engagement and talent management.