Leading Out Loud

Inspiring Leaders Engage Others in Creating The Future

Inspiring leaders look inward. They connect what they care about personally with their business messages. They create shared purpose by engaging the hearts and minds of others. They earn employees’ trust and provide the meaning that fuels maximum contribution and commitment to action.

Leading Out Loud is now a key component of the Presidential Leadership Scholars program

Executive presence is not about projecting a false image based on who you think others want you to be. It’s about projecting a true image of who you really are. Learn how to take advantage of your leadership strengths with our executive development programs.

Based on the most recent insights from Neuroscience as well as a wealth of experience in developing senior executives around the world, Leading Out Loud™ is a leadership development workshop that enables leaders to drive business results through authentic communication. These intense executive development programs provide real-time application of key leadership concepts and communication tools for inspiring action.

The Leading Out Loud Methodology

The Leading Out Loud leadership development workshop provides not only the “what to do” but the “how to” of leadership that inspires change. Leading Out Loud executive development programs equip leaders to:

  • Inspire others to greater engagement, ownership and action to create positive change.
  • Create a culture of authenticity, openness, and candor.
  • Connect their personal convictions to organizational strategy.
  • Effectively lead change with or without positional authority.
  • Apply a framework for communicating inspirationally in all situations, venues and media.
  • Answer the questions: Who are you and what are you here to do?

Discover what matters
This leadership development workshop is organized around Core Principles that apply broadly to all aspects of a leader’s behavior: To inspire others, leaders must know where they stand and be clear on the source of their convictions.

Deepening emotional awareness Our executive development programs highlight the idea that inspiring others requires the leader to recognize their own emotions during times of change, regulate emotions and thinking to move forward, and resonate with the emotions and perspectives of others. They must learn to respond — instead of react — when facing resistance to change. Empathy and impulse control are key when impulse wants to speak.

Connecting with others Touching the minds, the hearts and the imaginations of others takes communicating in a way that builds trust, involves others, and expresses personal motivation and empathy. In our leadership development workshops, leaders create the imagery and stories that draw people closer to the leader and to the purpose.

Disciplining your voice: the communication Guide Finding one’s voice is often hard. Disciplining it is even tougher. In our executive development programs, leaders develop this discipline of inspirational communication through reflection, writing and communication “practices” with coaching. The Leading Out Loud Communication Guide allows the leader to be thorough and complete in expressing “the math” behind any change. Discipline brings success.

To inspire others, leaders must know where they stand and be clear on the source of their convictionsApplying the leadership communication Guide Throughout the leadership development workshop session participants will be applying these principles to a change they must lead. The Personal Leadership Communication Guide brings the concepts and framework to life, allowing a thoughtful approach to all business situations and leadership decisions. It can be used in all forms of communication and media including presentations, meetings, town halls, social media and informal interactions.

The four elements of the executive development programs Guide are:

  • Establishing Competence and Building Trustworthiness
  • Creating Shared Context
  • Declaring and Describing the Future
  • Committing to Action / Creating Engagement


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” ― Maya Angelou

To move your organization forward, your top leaders and executives need to gain true commitment versus mere compliance. The Leading Out Loud leadership development workshop will help them focus energy and sustain morale through volatile business cycles and achieve lasting results. Leaders leave the workshop with a specific message to deliver to a specific audience on a relevant leadership challenge. The organization benefits from leaders who can inspire employee engagement, trust, loyalty and action. Participants in the workshop leave with:

  • A consistent leadership communication point of view across the organization.
  • A conceptual model for authentic communication and the tools to apply it.
  • Significant progress on a current business challenge due to reflection, writing and focused coaching on the clarity and meaning of the leadership’s communication on the issue.
  • A new standard for candid conversation and constructive feedback.

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Distinguishing features

The mind makes a decision based on agreement with the information… The heart makes a commitment based on a feeling of connection to the leader.
– Terry Pearce

Participant quotes

An exceptional program for senior executives that challenges you to look internally to shape your leadership voice. Very powerful.

I have attended many workshops over the last 30 years. Leading Out Loud was one of the most effective leadership classes I have ever attended and it should be mandatory for all leaders at every company!