Influencing Across the Matrix

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A Complex Structure to Match Complex Strategies

In an increasingly fast-moving business world, it’s easy to fall behind, and organizations must learn to adapt. Many have turned to the matrix. Matrix structures allow companies to respond efficiently to market needs and keep up with the shifting nature of a complex and global business setting. But what happens to employees who are used to the traditional hierarchies of the past when they enter organizations using matrix leadership?

The view from within the matrix. Managing in matrix structures is as complicated as the intricate market they were built to face – lines of authority are blurred, communication is irregular, and reporting relationships are confusing. More than ever, collaboration and communication are vital to the success of the organization utilizing matrix leadership.

Influencing Across the Matrix™ is an interactive workshop that provides the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage in a matrix structure and help your organization reach its maximum potential.


By the end of the managing in a matrix workshop, participants will:

  • Define the benefits and challenges of operating in a matrix leadership environment
  • Identify strategies for building higher levels of credibility and trust with others
  • Plan methods for strengthening their networks in matrix structures
  • Analyze stakeholders and the situation to plan a more effective influencing strategy
  • Employ Critical Communication Skills to create a more productive influencing conversation
  • Apply a 6-step influencing strategy to their real-world challenges

Distinguishing features

  • Highly interactive workshop design with practice-based modules
  • Self-Assessments
  • Feedback from colleagues
  • Collaborative influencing approach
  • Focus on real-world situations
  • Post-session commitment for continued action

Participant quotes

I thought that the workshop provided very valuable suggestions and processes on how to approach influencing others.

It helped me to identify key tactics and strategies to enhance my ability to influence others.

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