Building Your Global Perspective

As the saying goes, the world is getting flatter – but it is not getting any simpler. The way in which companies are developing global leadership is evolving. Gone are the days of leading across cultures with six-month overseas assignments and select development of a handful of high-potential executives. Today all leaders need to adopt a global mindset and integrate cultural intelligence into business operations when developing a global team.

Global Mindset defined:
To cultivate and integrate geopolitical and industry insight, intercultural knowledge, skills, relationships and attitudes to advance our business goals.

Working with a robust personalized feedback report, participants in the developing global leadership experience will gain insight into their own global competencies, including strengths and blind spots. By exploring the different facets of a global mindset, including strategic thinking and inter-cultural cooperation, participants will better understand how they can start leading across cultures.

Building Your Global Perspective is a full-day experience designed around the four developing global leadership principles of learn, understand, practice & apply. It uses business relevant case studies, exercises, videos and a global challenge for teams.

Global Perspective - learn, understand, practice, apply

Learning outcomes:

Leaders who participate in this development experience

  • Develop a global mindset to drive business and career success
  • Gauge your Cultural Intelligence (CQ) with an in-depth report, then improve your perspective with a set of self-development activities and experiences

Target audience:

Building Your Global Perspective is a development experience that has proven valuable to:

  • Current and future leaders in global organizations
  • HR and OD leaders looking to guide the development efforts of organizations
  • Senior executives looking to strengthen the global perspective within the organization’s culture


Building Your Global Perspective is a one-day instructor led workshop aimed at helping participants to start leading across cultures effectively. The development experience incorporates pre-work in the form of a Cultural Intelligence Inventory.

Customization options:

Building Your Global Perspective can be delivered as-is, or customized to the needs and specific challenges of your industry and organization. It is an effective solution for adding a global perspective to strategic planning and talent development efforts.

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