Building Generational IQ ™

The key to engaging a multi-generational workforce.

An engaging and interactive workshop to understand Generational IQ and why this is becoming the “next Emotional IQ” for business professionals. Participants will gain insights into what actions they can take to develop both personal and organizational competence in managing different generations and engaging a multi-generational workforce.

In such a rapidly evolving workplace, leaders develop Generational IQ by combining generational smarts with leadership insights. Beyond the dynamics of managing different generations, this multi-generational leadership program explores evolving expectations of the workforce and how to keep top talent engaged at each stage of their career.


Learning outcomes:

As an outcome of this program, leaders will:

  • Preview how the demographic composition of the workforce will change over the next 15 years, and understand the business implications of the demographic shift
  • Distinguish the expectations and general preferences of the five generations currently found in the workplace.
  • Be prepared to build a more inclusive work environment in which employees of any generation can contribute to their fullest.

Target audience:

  • This program is targeted at first level and middle-level managers who manage multi-generational teams.
  • This program will also benefit HR and OD teams who support and partner with operations that face the challenge of multiple generations in the workforce.


Building Generational IQ is designed to be delivered as either an instructor-led experience, or a virtual classroom session.

Customization Options:

This multi-generational leadership program can be deployed as-is, or can be customized to address the specific dynamics of your work environment and learning objectives.


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