Taking Control of Your Engagement – Personal Planner

Ultimately, each individual is responsable for his or her engagement

The Taking Control of Your Engagement Personal Planner is an employee engagement solution to embed the fundamentals of engagement within your workforce. It provides a chance for all individuals, not just managers and executives, to understand what drivers of engagement are and what they mean for them. It allows you to communicate a clear definition of engagement to your organization and to equip them with the tools they’ll need to take action.

Employees explore the drivers of engagement through driving employee engagement workbook exercises and are equipped to use those insights to create employee engagement strategies. Afterwards they take action on their own, and if appropriate, enlist the support of their manager or colleagues.


Ask a dozen people why they do the work they do and you will get a dozen different answers. Yes, most people will say they work for the paycheck. Dig a little deeper, however, and you’ll find other, more personal reasons for getting up in the morning and going to a job.

Drivers of engagement are personal equations shaped by an individual’s unique values, interests, talents and aspirations. Full engagement depends on individuals having a thriving personal connection with their work and a belief that they have a promising future in their organization. Unfortunately, information about engagement tends to stay at the most senior levels in the organization and rarely trickles down to employees. Our goal is to help your organization embed engagement and equip all individuals with the tools they need to understand and create their own employee engagement strategies.

Although leaders and organizational practices can significantly influence employee engagement levels with specific employee engagement strategies, every person, ultimately, has responsibility for his or her own engagement. Employees must be clear on what matters to them before they can take control of their job satisfaction and career success. They also need to take initiative in building and applying their unique knowledge and skills to contribute fully toward the organization’s goals.


The Taking Control of Your Engagement Personal Planner employee engagement solution is provided in a PDF format that equips individuals to assess, increase and sustain their engagement — maximizing both contribution and satisfaction — so that their organization can build a vibrant workforce and reach its business goals.


An Implementation Best PracticeMaterials and certification are available to help you encourage use of the Personal Planner. The kickoff event is flexibly designed to be run virtually or in person, in sessions up to 2 hours long.
It covers the fundamentals of engagement and contains small group activities to start a dialogue about great days at work, employee-manager conversations about engagement, and personal resiliency. It:

  • Engages employees in engagement
  • Explores the foundation concepts of employee engagement in interactive activities
  • Positions the “what and why” of the Personal Planner
  • Establishes a common language
  • Enables people to experience selected exercises from the planner in a group setting
  • Can be easily tailored to reflect time available and group size

Engagement Fundamentals Great Days at Work

  • The Prize
  • Where Are You Today?

Increasing Engagement

  • Clarify Your Values
  • Assess Your Job Conditions
  • Clarify Your Work Priorities
  • Build Your Talents


  • Plan for More Great Days at Work
  • Enlist Help from Your Manager
  • (Engagement Conversation Planner)
  • Enlist Help from Others
  • Increase Your Resiliency

Key features

  • 5 Videos
  • What Is Engagement?
  • Whose Job Is It?
  • What Are the 5 Levels of Engagement?
  • What Does A Great Day At Work Look Like?
  • Where Am I?

Fillable forms and calculated fields allows users to complete the personal planner and save it locally.


Individuals will:

  • Better understand the definition of employee engagement, employee engagement strategies, and the role each member of the organization needs to play.
  • Explore personal motivators, preferred work environment, top work priorities, talents, and other employee engagement solutions.
  • Identify actions they can take on their own and with the help of others to increase their satisfaction and contribution on the job.
  • Plan how to talk to their manager about their engagement.
  • Assess their personal resiliency and explore strategies for staying engaged in today’s ever-changing workplace.


Individual contributors (keeping in mind that managers and executives need to manage their engagement, too)

Delivery Format

Writeable PDF file