MPG: Managing Professional Growth

MPG: managing professional growth

MPG: What’s New?

Talented Employees Aren’t Enough

As organizations merge, expand or shift strategies and as employees wade through quagmires of to-dos, meetings and information overload,  individuals at all levels must engage and focus on what matters most if the enterprise is to succeed.

MPG®  (Managing Professional Growth) is an employee development plan process that incorporates exclusive feedback, analysis, planning and dialogue tools for enthusiastically delivering on personal and professional growth and development goals.

Managing Professional Growth Outcomes

Employees craft specific action steps, including a detailed professional growth and development plan for discussing their increased job performance, satisfaction and growth with their manager. The organization benefits from:

  • Employee ownership of success and engagement
  • Stronger employee/manager partnerships
  • Improved satisfaction and performance
  • Continuing dialogue and a common language for discussing engagement, performance and development
  • A more strategic employee development plan to benefit the organization as well as employees
  • Increased strategy alignment
“Learning is not compulsory…neither is survival.” – W. Edwards Deming, Business Innovator

Distinguishing features

  • Online assessments and follow-up tools to support continuous development
  • Flexible, interactive workshop design
  • Branded values clarification activities
  • Administrative reports that track results and skill trends
  • Strategic implementations can be measured with pre- and post- Employee Engagement Survey

Format options

The updated and revised version of MPG (2014 edition) is designed as a one-day instructor-led workshop.

For organizations looking to go more in-depth with their employee growth and development plans, or looking to align MPG with established competency models and other talent management processes, we do provide expert consulting and customization capabilities.

Participant quotes

This workshop helped in giving me a good plan to manage my personal development.

I can now see what my true values are and how my contribution is important to my company.

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