Custom Solutions

While BlessingWhite offers a comprehensive portfolio of leadership development experiences and employee engagement solutions, most of our corporate leadership development programs involve some degree of customization to ensure the work has a high degree of resonance with the learning population. The degree of customization may range from rebranding the materials to your company’s look and feel, changing some of the key terms used throughout, all the way to a complete redesign integrating content provided by you or other third parties as appropriate.

Accelerated Leadership Models

Many organizations are now looking to access a comprehensive suite of tried-and-tested corporate leadership development programs from which to build a ‘learning journey’, or a series of development experiences to ensure that leaders develop increased competence over a compressed period of time. We can work with you to build a complete learning suite tailored to your needs, based on a proven foundation of BlessingWhite content.  We can help you deploy and administrate these accelerated leadership initiatives to rapidly ramp up leaders at all levels of the organization, from Millennials to Baby Boomers.

Our experienced team of consultants, instructional designers, software designers and desktop publishing professionals will work alongside your team to tailor the best possible learning implementation.  We can then deliver this solution anywhere in the world, or train your own staff through a comprehensive train-the-trainer process.