Strategic Facilitator Services

For over forty years BlessingWhite has been a leader in leadership and employee engagement.  Our clients benefit from content that is both deep and broad.  And while we are proud of the wide range of topics we support, it’s not secret that our strategic planning facilitators bring those topics to-life.

We’ve worked for many years to identify some of the best strategic planning facilitators in the industry – facilitators who not only have strong backgrounds in Human Resources, Learning & Development, and Organization Development, but who also come from a variety of industries.  These individuals are highly credentialed and certified in the psychometric assessments.  They are experts in areas such as change management, team facilitation, and coaching.  What’s more, they know the importance of grabbing the learner’s attention from the moment they walk in the classroom.

BlessingWhite’s certified strategic planners can become extended members of your team delivering not only leadership skills training but can also support a just-in-time approach for training delivery on topics such as:

  • Process facilitation
  • Consultative sales training
  • New Employee Orientation
  • Team Building and Coaching
  • Compliance and regulatory education
  • And more!

BlessingWhite’s strategic planning facilitators become an extended member of your team listening to your employees, anticipating challenges, communicating key messages and making sure your employees are ready to tackle the critical initiatives and short term goals that lay before them. Our associates are available to meet our clients’ needs around the globe in virtually every training topic imaginable. This model enables our certified strategic planners to provide the right resource for the right place to deliver the right results!

How We Can Help

Strategic Facilitator Services provide the Right Resources in the Right Place delivering the Right Results.

  1. Right Resource: We quickly and easily source the right facilitator, consultant, or coach from our extensive network of highly credentialed individuals to identify a trusted advisor to work with you.
  2. Right Place: We have global presence and local relevance. We can source individuals in over 70 countries who speak multiple languages and who are sensitive to local customs and norms. We make sure you have resources when you need them, where you need them.
  3. Right Results: We ensure our facilitators consistently exceed expectations by evaluating their impact-ensuring adherence to the highest quality standards.

To find out more about how BlessingWhite’s Strategic Facilitator Services can support your facilitation needs, contact Fran Colavita at